Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ok we are not just a Router shop here is some pics of Vehicle wraps we just completed for more pic look at our facebook page Teton Signs and Graphics
Remember think outside the box and get great results Peace Out!
Here we are, this is going to be a great job. We are cutting 1mm cintra tags for a local mine for there safety tags. We are doing 4500 of them. Now that sounds like a lot to cut out but the router is so precise that we can stack 3 sheets on top of them. It takes roughly 25 min to cut a 48x96 section. We get 200 per sheet so now you can see by just simply using screws to hold the material down we can stack sheets and cut 600 out at a time. This equals GREAT PROFITS! Always think outside the box you will get a lot further. Got any questions please feel free to ask. Peace Out!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Here is a plaque we did for a local motocross racer for all his hard work.
Her is a butcher shop sign
The one above was cut out of 3/4 in MDO I did the reliefs with a 1/8 ball nose bit it took about 6.5 hours to router out did some minor finish work to it then I Airbrushed it to make it look like old burn barn wood. Hand painted the horses and airbrushed a little detail. The one that says Cowboy Way is actually burnt pine and I just V-Carved the lettering and scroll. Well I hope you enjoy I will be posting more here in the near future. Enjoy and remember Vortech Routers are Quality built Routers that are worry free.

New Work

Ok its been awhile but here is some new projects we have been working on. We have been so busy doing alot of different things at the shop. I have had alot of calls on people intrested in Vortech Routers. I hope I answered alot of your questions and have bought a new router. The picture above is a sign we are working on for a church It will be gold leafed crosses and all reliefed cut

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wood 3D reief

Here is a quick relief we did in pine for a customer. I used a 1/4 inch endmill and 1/8 ballnose to finish. The letters were then v-caved into it. The customer liked the museum sign so much he had us burn it and seal it.
This sign took approx. 5 hrs to router and 5 hrs to finish. We charged $300.00 for it and the customer is going to get more done. He and his wife are outdoors people and love to have this kind of stuff throughout there home.

Williams Family Museum Sign

Here is the first sign we created with the Vortech Router. And this is how we did it. The customer has been collecting guns for over 40 yrs and his dream was to open a private museum under his families name. As we live in Nevada he wanted a western look and something to compliment his gun collection. We first wanted to give the sign a old burnt antique look.

So we took a torch and lightly burnt the surface and put the material in the router to cut out the shape. Next we wanted to use a compilation of deck lumber stacked for the lettering, because back in the 'old days' they didnt use sign foam. After we cut out the letters twice on the Vortech Router we stapled and glue them together and primered them with a one shot primer

After the letters were primed we painted them black to start to give them a antique look. We then used mdf to router out a 3d model of a hand gun. We used a 1851 navy colt. The mdf is easy to finish and router.

The Detail is amazing. The 3d model only took about 2 hrs for two guns. Next I painted the gun using a airbrush and brushes to make it look real.
I airbrushed the gun and dry brushed the handle to give it a real wood look. The airbrush was used to give it the old look. as you can see in the next picture.

After these guns were done we decided to use pine for the next rifle as most of the gun is wood stock. We made a 3d relief on our Vortech Router.
Next we stained the stock and painted the rest silver with one shot. I then took my airbrush and gave it a old look. The router is totally amazing in the detail it does.

Here is the finished rifle.

Next I decided to do a set of wagon wheels as the customer collects wagon wheels as well. So I cut them out of mdf as well. I cut them out on the router and cut out hubs to give it a more 3d look. I then painted them with one shot ivory and then dry brushed them to give them a real wood look. The wheels were added for that little extra rustic look.

And here is the final sign with a totaly happy customer. This sign took approx. 50 man hrs to complete but in the end we achived the look we wanted thanks to our Vortech Router and a little creativity.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here it is our new Vortech Router . Thanks to the guys at Vortech we got another addition to Teton Signs. This router is incredible. We had no problems setting it up. We got one kick ass machine. After we received the computer from Keith ,( I highly recommend ) we were cutting in no time. The software has a bit of a learning curve, Aspire and Mach 3, if you havent operated it before. But is rather easy once you get the hang out it. We have started to do some test cuts and practice jobs as we are dialing it in. Here are a few.
 This is a shop sign I put together in no time, probally about 15 min. or so
This is Hazen doing a little clean up so we can paint the sign for a local casino. As we go I will be posting more pics. and finished jobs to show you that this router is a awesome addition to any sign shop.